About Martin Gaskell


Martin Gaskell

I Studied BA (Hons) in Industrial Design Engineering at Leicester University. I have always wanted to work in Film and Television from a young age, which I have done now for over 37 years, as a prop and mould maker, having worked on over 45 productions, from Thomas the Tank Engine, James Bond, Prometheus, Guardians of the Galaxy to Star Wars, to name but a few.

This depth of experience has given me a unique set of skills in Mould Making, casting, materials technology and fabrication techniques that I've used for prop making and special effects for film and television.


Over the 37 years I have worked in many different countries and experienced a wide diversity of cultures, which has inspired me, to now follow my creative and artistic side.

Having also lived in many different places and now settled in Cornwall to follow my dreams, to explore the sea and get in touch with my sculpting abilities and to take on commissions.

Kingdom of Heaven